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We are a bulk stockist of aromatic and medicinal plants and spices from Greece and around the globe.



Greek oregano, rubbed or bunches

Greek oregano, the queen of Greek forests. A plant characteristic of the Greek land. It is found in almost all of Greece and is known all over the world. We make sure that we have a great oregano deposit throughout the year to meet the needs of the market in both conventional and organic variety. We cooperate with reliable Greek producers and guarantee an excellent product, certified, with rich aroma, lively color, with 4.5% essential oils, no pesticides, heavy metals or foreign material.

Greek mountain tea in bunches

Mountain Tea. The famous Greek medicinal plant, known all over the world for its beneficial properties. It is mainly found in the mountains of central Greece and consumed as herbal tea. Our office collaborates with Greek producers of this species, who cultivate their product with love and passion, following all the control and certification procedures. In this way we guarantee an excellent product, tested, with exquisite aroma, lively color, free of pesticides, heavy metals and foreign bodies.

Our office sources a wide range of aromatic plants,  medicinal plants and spices from Greece and worldwide.