We are a leading Greek stockist company, handling Greek aromatic plants, medicinal plants and spices from all over the world.

We address a large customer network, including companies, wholesalers, stockists, processors, importers and exporters etc.

We choose our products with great care, through a very meticulous selection of suppliers. We pay great attention to Greek products, creating  credible collaborations with Greek producers, while at the same time we cooperate -by the same rigorous standards- with producers, stockists and companies from abroad.

Knowing the specifics of our work, we always make sure that we have available quantities of the products, stored in our warehouse, while we have developed such a network of partnerships that allows us  to obtain the quantities requested at any time.

Our main purpose is to achieve strong, long term relationships with our clients. By acquiring a deep knowledge of our subject, we are able to offer our customers in Greece and abroad, raw material and finished products of excellent quality. We develop a relationship of meaningful communication with each client individually, so that we can recognize their needs and provide them with the right products, responding promptly and reliably to every demand we face, offering the necessary know-how and after-sales service.

Our specialized staff are always up-to-date on developments in the domestic and foreign markets. Together with the long-standing supplier partnership ,we are in a position to have competitive prices for products of very good quality.

Therefore, what makes Oregano Factory company your reliable partner is our specialized knowledge, all year availability of the products, our pro-activity, up-to-date market information, competitive prices and a well-structured customer communication service.