It is very important for us to stock products of excellent quality! To achieve this, we have developed a special sourcing department, composed by qualified stuff, which search and trace unique Greek growers who cultivate with love, care and professionalism, their products. Authorized procedures are followed when it comes to the production process and the final product.

Initially, we define to producers the process to follow, from production to packaging and delivery, so that final product is the result of the highest production, packaging and delivery standards. During this time, we perform regular on-the-spot controls, to check that all the rules and applications we have set, are met. In the end, we receive a high quality, certified raw material. We, in turn, conduct our own controls, starting from delivery to our warehouses. After we inspect the right packaging and delivery procedure, we conduct our own controls in collaborating certified laboratories, so that we are absolutely sure that our customers will receive a packaged product of excellent quality.


In a similar way, evaluation and final approval comes for all the other suppliers.

Proper storage is a very important process to ensure the quality of the products since they, many times, require special storage conditions. Having the knowledge and the right information, we can guarantee in this field too, the appropriate conditions for our products, respecting their specifications.


Product can be dispatched in paper bags or boxes from origin site, or repacked on customer's request. Well dried wooden pallets are available, when necessary. Pallets are shrink wrapped and properly lined.

Shipment of the goods includes arrangements with reliable transport agencies - with which we keep a stable long-term cooperation - and cleanliness controls of trucks and containers before loaded. Always, shipment is arranged upon communication with the customer.