We are very strict on the quality of our products! That is why we are constantly aiming for security and optimization. Our customers can rely on us because we can offer high quality products, through:

  • On going quality controls of the production process and before delivery to the customer
  • Full compliance with customer specifications
  • Respect and compliance with International, European and Greek laws and regulations

Under the instructions of our Quality Department, we conduct controls on incoming products, as follows:

  • Microbiological investigation
  • Optical examination
  • Sensory examination



All products enter our warehouse accompanied by the necessary certificates of analysis and specifications (msdn) from the suppliers.

Specialized staff inspect the product pick-up process (truck and container cleanliness and marking, perfect packaging, visual sample of product as specifications).

We take samples and conduct our own controls in approved external laboratories, to check the integrity of the results. Controls are mainly conducted for allergens, aflatoxins, pesticides, heavy metals and foreign bodies. 

Our office is committed to the marketing of quality products, always in accordance with the International and European regulations, through certifications and rigorous evaluations of producers, suppliers and associates, and constantly informing about the suitability of the products in order to ensure their consumption.